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Friday finally came around. I woke up happy and excited, and drank cups and cups of tea throughout the day in my favorite pair of pants. My friends have noticed me wearing them frequently, and they definitely receive compliments on a daily basis. They draw people's attention, so if you like that kind of thing here's a taste of my day in them. GIVE ME ATTENTION!

Top: Black coffee, Coffee donut Bottom: Green tea, Raspberry Matcha donut

When people ask me what I do in Boston, I kind of hesitate because I honestly don't do much besides walk around and cafe hop. I like to sit around with a friend and people watch which is exactly what I did today with my friend who was craving donuts at Dave's Coffee in Providence.

We sat for hours just relaxing. I even got some leisure time to read the Elle April issue. On one of the pages, I saw a brand that is very affordable with a well thought out collection called & Other Stories. It's apparently a brand under the H&M Group. I recommend for you to check it out here!

And now onto to what I wore...

When a trend happens they either disappear, or they come back new and improved. Skinny jeans have become a big hit for years, and its popularity may be for bringing out a nice shape in the legs. But there are other cuts that frame the body beautifully!

I personally love the flare jeans that are starting to show up. They are, at regular length, past the ankle and can compliment your cute heels. They also frame the calf and thigh while adding extra curves to the overall silhouette.  But a shorter cut off point has its advantages.

Boyfriend jeans that are cuffed above the ankle have been popular. It gets rid of any bunching at the bottom creating a clean cut look, while still looking loose and comfortable. Also, showing a little bit of ankle looks refreshing and mobile. It's like a miniskirt for your calves. Combine that with the perks of flared jeans and tada! Cropped flared pants!

They go well with narrow ankle / sock boots or oxfords and loafers. High heels are sometimes necessary with long flare jeans, but if you're like me and can't walk well in heels, then I would recommend the cropped version. Cropped flare jeans or cropped flare black pants should be a part of your wardrobe. I purchased my black Zara cropped flares, and I constantly wear them since they are appropriate for many occasions.

Did I say "cropped" too much? I tried to crop some out. Anyways, I love cropped flares and wish I can grow a crop of them.

By the way, we got more tea after that.. Shocking.

It's still not spring weather here in the east coast but I am highly looking forward to sharing lighter clothing and colors. The cold just makes me envelop myself in the heaviest blacks possible. We will see... Thank you for giving me your attention. It's the pants, right?



I had a great day planned for my girl, Siyi, a cute and warm painter at RISD. Since we are still on spring break, we took the chance to spend a day in Boston. Our girl time started with browsing beauty products, clothing stores including Marimekko, a design and fashion store that I thought would fit her. The fabrics on the dresses, teapots, and pillows were visually satisfying.

Typical Siyi testing all kinds of pretty polishes at Sephora.

We snagged a mirror selfie. No Ragrets.

And here is shameless selfie I took before our date.

Her Instagram sprouts flowers and pink tones which inspired me to be a little more adventurous in my outfit. I always submit to blacks and grays, but I decided to add in a muted pink for a change. I love pink so much, but I rarely build the courage to wear it out. I think the unsaturated pink I wore is a good first step for me but as you can see, I hid my pink behind an oversized black coat. Sorry! I'm next to someone who is simply glowing with cuteness. No competition.

I learned what a mandarin collar was, and got a glimpse of what Siyi is drawn to in terms of fashion. She looked at a lot of clothing based on the neck shape and color, commenting on the traditional Chinese and Japanese influence on them. Siyi prefers high necked pieces (like mandarin collars) and comfortableness. She is captivated by fashion that has an Asian touch because it reasserts how she identifies herself aesthetically and culturally. I admire her identity, and wish to continue to meet with her and get more insight on her style.

Lavender Earl Grey (Top, Vanilla & Chocolate (Bottom)

We took a break at Georgetown Cupcake shop on Newbury Street. Many people just come in and order cupcakes to go, but we spent hours catching up and enjoying our cupcakes. There were so many flavors to choose from! I selected Vanilla & Chocolate as Siyi got the Lavender Earl Grey. 

Gyeran malee, fried chicken, Kimchi Jigae, and Soju at Myung Dong 1st Ave

For dinner, we decided to grab a meal somewhere with a completely different vibe. Myung Dong 1st Ave is a Korean bar restaurant located in Allston, with a streets atmosphere and Fetty Wap in the background. Great for a young college crowd. The food is good with a casual presentation that fits the drinking culture of Korea. A great finish to a wonderful day.



For spring break, I took a spur of the moment trip to New York City with my family! This was a great opportunity to catch up since I haven't had much family time during school.

We arrived late afternoon and was able to avoid traffic. The four hour ride was peaceful, but felt short because I had a lot to talk about with my sister; school, fashion, and photography. Still, we were ready to take in all the window shopping and delicious food to come!

Lauren (sister) & Dad

Avocado Toast Tartine at Le Pain Quotidien Soho

Barbeque at Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong

We drooled over the Celine store, and looked at Rachel Comney shoes at Totokaelo, but did not by anything. Ironically Dad, who is the least interested in fashion and spending money, was the only one who purchased something on this trip! Today was mostly window shopping and enjoying great Korean barbeque at Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong in Ktown! 

Next day...

My family loves to eat..A LOT. We didn't realize it was Easter Sunday, so most American brunch places were packed. Instead, we went to Dim Sum Go Go. It is not as authentic as the Jing Fong restaurant, but the dim sum here is presented very nicely and I like their portion size. 

Next up, the Whitney Museum!

Thanks Mom for taking sneaky photos..

We got onto the huge elevator that makes it feel like you're in a giant basket. The top floor has a powerful collection about 9/11. It was a heavy and dark subject that was a great addition to the museum. After that we decided to get some fresh air and a beautiful view on the balcony.

A stranger made my mom's day during our museum trip. She went to the bathroom to do her makeup and a young woman came in and complimented her on her style. Not only that but she mentioned that she could see where her daughters got their taste. It was a sweet gesture and Mom was very happy about it. I can see how easily influenced we are by our Mom. She indeed has a great sense of style, and I look up to her!

Snack break with Dad's friends

Uni Soba at Soba-ya (SO GOOD)

This was such a fun trip, but too short. I miss New York already! Hopefully I can visit again soon. I can't get enough of the stores, and of course the food. I made sure to grab myself a big sugary doughnut from Doughnut Plant before I left. The highlights of this trip was definitely the Whitney Museum, eating soba, and of course hanging out with my family.



I'm half way through my spring semester and yet it started snowing! I knew Boston winter wouldn't go away that easily. I can't wait for the days to get warmer, so I ordered new sandals being the impatient person that I am. I can't wear them now but I know I'll break them in when I visit Korea this summer! They are black, canvas and leather  MM6 sandals with 3 inch heels. I think this height is perfect for me since I turn into a newborn baby deer if it gets any higher.

These sandals are appropriate for every day use, so I hope I don't wear them out too fast. I prefer block heels more than the slim kind because I feel a sense of not only physical balance, but a visual balance as well. Block heels make me feel like I can stand my ground, with confidence and style.


It is always fun to prepare your outfit for that special day to be introduced to a new friend and find out that you both share a common interest in fashion and cosmetics (especially when you are on budget as a college student). I have been meaning to meet Joeun for a while, and the day finally came! My role as a tour guide of Providence led me to learn a good deal about such a beautiful and stylish girl.

For this windy afternoon I wore my favorite pair of black flares to strut and show places around my school. Joeun's outfit was really pretty, with a neutral color scheme. Plus, as a flare fanatic, seeing her wear cropped fringe straight cut jeans was a breath of fresh air. I wanted to get myself a pair of those as well!

I introduced her to a casual Korean restaurant cafe and our school museum which features a fantastic collection of both historical and modern art. Prior to this day I was nervous about meeting her, but we shared a common interest towards the New England aesthetic, and artsy vibe of my school.

We spent a great afternoon talking about a cute affordable Korean makeup brand, 3CE, and had a great crepe / Italian feast at a local tea house in Providence.

If you are ever in the city, I suggest making space in your belly for some delicious food and tea at the Duck and Bunny. It feels like an Alice in Wonderland environment, with a cozy, homey interior. She has never been to this restaurant, but coincidentally her white top matched with the interior decoration.

For our table of four, we ordered the Fresh Ricotta with Olive Oil Drizzle, Truffled Pomme Frites, the Catania crepe pizza, and Crepeccini Bolognese. The food was enjoyable especially when you are eating in such a cute environment with great lighting.

It was an honor to meet Joeun who also shares her interest in fashion and makeup through social media. She keeps her Instagram up to date with pleasing images of her style and travel. You can follow her @good_je! It was a great opportunity to show her and friends around Providence and learn about her style and personality. We hit it off, and we are excited to meet up again in Korea this summer!